Valentine's Day 2018
Why Choose Foxglove?

You obviously CARE about the person you are ordering for and those emotions are beautiful! Our ART is taking those motions and displaying them through floral design. This is not a task we take lightly. You want to show that you care and we will deliver the impression that will WOW.


To make sure your arrangement is world class, we have assembled a team of the BEST DESIGNERS in the industry. With decades of EXPERIENCE in our corner and numerous awards along the way, there is a level of TRUST that is unique to Foxglove.


We have all heard the horror stories about getting flowers that are NOT the quality you thought you were paying for. That is never a concern at Foxglove. We weed out all of the cheap filler flower and guarantee a beautifully crafted arrangement made with the HIGHEST QUALITY flowers.

Who is Foxglove?

We are a 100% independent full service florist located in the heart of downtown Provo, UT. We offer daily delivery services to ALL of Utah County. We started Foxglove with the belief that floral design is not a craft that can be mass produced. Nothing in our store is run of the mill and everything is completely custom- one arrangement at a time. To learn more about who we are, visit our ABOUT US page (CLICK HERE).